NGL Supply Yearbook

An annual publication providing up-to-date production data for all NGL facilities in North America.

The NGL Supply Yearbook has been in production for over 37 years. It is an annual statistical study for gas processing plants, refineries, and fractionators from our liquids petroleum gas (LPG) database. As the companion volume to the LPG Almanac, it provides a detailed analysis of the current and prior year's natural gas petrochemical feedstock & liquids production. The following is provided:

  • Liquids production by product analyzed by US state and province with totals for both gas producing plants and oil refineries.

  • For each state and province an analysis of the prior year's liquids production by product for gas processing plants, oil refineries and fractionators of external NGL mix.

  • Ranking of the largest plants by liquids output for the US and Canada with prior years included for comparison.

  • NGL US price data and analysis.

The NGL Supply Yearbook is an annual subscription purchase.